Mark DeRosa - Bass, Vocals

Fronting DUMMY is the troubled soul Mark DeRosa, or as he is known to his legions of fans "Dark Mark". Ever since the day the doctor slapped his beautiful baby ass, there has been a deep anger festering inside of him begging for release . Despite constant pleading by his parents and various child psychologists to "play nice" with the neighborhood children, Mark has always been on the outside looking in. Over the years his anger would grow nourished by a steady diet of burritos, Pepsi and beer. After seeing fellow Italian-American Frank Stallone perform on American Bandstand, Mark realized his destiny and decided to take up the sport of punk rock. Delivering aggressive vocals and thundering bass lines with a fury that would make a postal worker uneasy, Mark's songs tell of a darker side of humanity inhibited by the likes of foul-mouthed barbers and dimunutive roadies. An avid physical-fitness buff, Mark can do thirty push-ups in a row without stopping.


John Barnicle - Guitar

Coming from a long line of Irish Plumbers, John's choice to play guitar was met with puzzled looks from family members. Would he have the aptitude, patience, and fortitude to conquer this instrument? The first time he saw a guitar he was heard to say "what's that cool shiny thing?" and his first encounter with one can only be compared to an ape opening a bag of potato chips. With the diligence of a kindergartner with Lincoln logs he slowly mastered the six string ax. Now the fruits of his labor can be heard with DUMMY. The wall of sound that he has created must be heard to be believed. To call it BIG... is too small a word.


Jimmy O'Connor - Drums

Jimmy, a.k.a Farty McFadden, is the newest addition to the Dummy family. Shown here practicing in his parent's rumpus room in Atlanta, GA - Jimmy is the prototypical punk drummer - he hits the drums as hard as he hits the bottle. You may have witnessed Jimmy's drum stylings while he performed in his previous bands - which include Jack the Lad and locally, The Tarts. When not performing with Dummy, Jimmy likes to pick up extra money on the side as a hair model - and once auditioned for an Irish Spring ad (the "Manly, yes" part) - only to be rejected for being "too manly".